Help SW Florida with Ian relief

Help SW Florida with Ian relief

Botanistix will donate 15% of the Oct/Nov sales to Collier Community Foundation’s Ian Relief fund. I like that the funds stay local and there are no administrative costs.

If you are purchasing for holiday gifts, I will be happy to ship them out for you in December. Reach out to me with the details and I will make it work. There is so much work to be done here, so if you were thinking of making a purchase this is the time to do it! I am thanking you in advance!

For those of you who have participated in the orchid class meetings, you have heard me say with phalaenopsis orchids (sold in all our grocery stores) all the action is at the top with the beautiful blooms cascading down but the bottom is empty. The photos above show another option to filling that void with mini air plants.

Each jeweled piece is affixed to a dried mushroom so its full of texture. The mushrooms arrive to me in various sizes and as you may have noticed, they are too wide for the Botanistix gift box. As you can see from the photo, it can be placed at any height you choose. They are 45.00 and they are on the website. As most of you know by now, quantities really are limited.

My phals are shooting up spikes as our weather has cooled a bit. The dendrobiums took a beating (literally) during Ian but many are in spike again- amazing the resiliency of these beautiful plants! To my winter locals, come see for yourself, the meeting are no charge!

Check out the dates ( for the upcoming orchid club meetings and come see them blooming in person. 
Here you will also see how to arrange an orchid or topiary class for your group.