Post Ian

Post Ian

Naples and SW Florida had a real shakeup with Ian, to say the least. Happy to report, I only had roof issues which can be fixed and yard/vegetation as was unavoidable in a storm that whipped us for 12+ hours. The winds were tireless…I gave Olive her relaxation pills at 6:30am and when we went to bed in the dark at 8:30pm she could not relax due to the wind whirring around. 

During Irma, we lost no orchids on the trees and none were tossed to the ground. So I didn’t think to take a lot of the blooming ones down. Well, all of the flowers were just as though they had been used as a fly swatter and many were wrestled to the ground in the unending wind. As the weather people kept saying, no 2 storms are alike, now I understand fully! 

As you must know by now, Naples areas by the water did not fare well at all. This makes all of us very sad. I was downtown for an appt today and it looks much better, but its going to be along road to recovery

Also a casualty of Ian, Botanistix will not be having the open house in November in Pelican Bay which was hard hit. I am considering some options for a show this winter. I am open to suggestions if anyone has thoughts.

I am continuing to make new pieces. These sweet dragonflies are new and are on the website already. I am going to have a promotion in November and a portion of the sales will go to a Naples charity for Ian Recovery. I am reviewing that now.

The dates for the Orchid meetings are on now. Check out the details.
Here you can also see how to schedule a topiary or orchid class for you, your friends or groups.

As always, feel free to reach out.