Is mine going to look just like the one I saw website?

Each piece of hand blown glass will vary slightly and the design on the stake will usually as well on all of them. It’s part of their beauty.

Can the BotaniStix® Orchid Support Stakes be altered?

Yes. The orchid support stakes can be trimmed with pliers.

Can I put the Orchid Support Stakes on my outside orchids?

The BotaniStix® Stakes can tolerate weather under a lanai or covered area only.  Over time you may see the silver/gold start to loose its shine depending on how much weather it receives.

Can I have BotaniStix® Floral Stakes made to coordinate for an event?

Yes, we will source special pieces to coordinate your custom botanistix floral stakes to a theme for any event. If you want to work with a company that is small & personal and the product is lovingly handmade, BotaniStix® is for you. Each piece would be crafted by Christi, after a meeting describing all of the important details necessary for your event.

Also individual piece custom work.   If you have a special item and you would like to see it on a stake, it can probably be done.

Email us Christi@botanistix.com or call to discuss 201.951.9211

How are Botanistix items shipped & how soon will I receive it?

Local orders are delivered to your front door. There is an option during the checkout process for you to check if you are local. The shipping charge is also reduced. When I can control what happens to the delivery, I prefer to.

Our orders leave Naples, Florida in 2-3 days. The preference is to ship on Monday if the order is going to the Western part of the country. Our pieces can be delicate, so the less time sitting in the post office under other boxes, the better.

Botanistix pieces are shipped by USPO priority mail. If an item arrives broken, we will always replace it but we are unable to take returns due to change of mind.

During the holidays, shipping takes considerably longer than normal. If you have a FedX account and prefer we use that, it’s no problem.

Anything else we should know about buying from Botanistix?

We want to be your go-to gift for friends, Moms, Mother in laws and Grammy. We will always work hard to make you happy!