Thanks so much for sending more Botanistix.  What can I say, I think they are the perfect gift!  Grateful to have found you!  

Judy from Chicago, Il

I cannot imagine having an indoor plant or orchid without having one of your Botanistix in it!  It would just look unfinished. Love them!

Gabby, Ft. Lauderdale

Such a pleasant shopping experience with Christi. The Botanistix are so very creative & beautiful. The price point is perfect & its the perfect gift for almost any occasion you can think of. Such a lovely addition to any plant or arrangement turning it into a piece of living art. Thank you for sharing your art in such a lovely way!

Hopelyn, Naples

Christi, my lovely Botanistix lives comfortably in my only indoor plant! It makes me smile each time I pass it. Thank you for your artistic contribution to my home.

Julie, Naples

These are just perfect, creative & unique!  The perfect gift, for me as well. Thank you.

Ann from Tulsa, OK.

Oh Christi, they are lovely!  I put one in the great room in a large potted (artificial) plant and the other two on the covered lanai….no I am not sharing, that comes later down the road. Everything you do is great, presentation, netting, business cards, etc.! I have already done my friend Susan’s birthday gift for 20016 but on 13 March 2017, she will receive a few BotaniStix®s!  I’m known for my wonderful, unique and thoughtful gifts and you fit right in there! Keep me posted on any new ones!

Maggie from Naples, Florida

“Loved the experience and tour of the beautiful orchid gardens! Thank you for sharing your time!

Terry from Mirromar Lakes, Florida

I love my humminbird!  It goes so well in my kitchen.  I am going out to get a white orchid today! Thank you, Christi

Kathy from Hamilton, Ohio

WOW, what a beautiful presentation! The BotaniStix® stakes are not only gorgeous, but so is your packaging.  I love it all!  I am never 100% sure when I order from a site that I have not used before so this is a pleasant surprise. Thank you so much.

Rachel from Canton, Ma.

I love the copper napkin twists that I bought from you at the Hospice luncheon. I bought the napkin twists and not the napkin ring specifically so I could vary the way I wrap each napkin. Each one is a little different. My own little works of art. They look great in my dining room. This is my third BotaniStix® purchase. Your pieces are so unique!

Jackie from Hilton Head, SC

I love the pretty yellow box I just bought from you!  It is going to my girlfriend for her birthday.  I am a repeat cutomer and I love being able to order from you with confidence knowing that whatever items I buy, its always done with such precision.  There is never any glue showing or anything that would make me hesitate to do business with you again.  Thank you.

Nancy from Cincinnati, Ohio

Over the years I have purchased many many things to decorate bottles but yours is by far the most beautiful!
 Again, your work is down-right wonderful and I am fortunate to have “found” you!

Maggie from Naples, Florida

We work very hard to make the BotaniStix sales experience excellent.

Pleased take a minute to share with us that we have met your expectations. It speaks volumes to those who do not know us yet. christi@botanistix.com