Vision for 2020

Vision for 2020

Sounds like the ideal vision not the year, right?

Here in SW Florida we are enjoying beautiful spring weather so my vision for this year is very clear.

We are expanding the classes to include a floral topiary class. After 1 lesson, I promise you will be able to do these for yourself very easily. They are a unique way to display flowers and when you give them as a gift, people really feel like you spoiled them.

My orchids are going nuts on the trees and in the pots. I added epsom salts to the 2x month fertilizer and I am really seeing results. So in the orchid classes, there is a lot to see and learn about.

When my friends come to visit, we love taking all types of classes. It’s an interactive way to learn a new skill. So add us to your list of fun things to do. You can attend one of our orchid or topiary classes and then off you go to lunch or happy hour. If you want it on a special day, I am happy to arrange a time that works for you and you pals! 201.951.921