Thanksgiving and the start of the shopping season were waay too close this year. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again any time soon.

I appreciate you all so much. It’s why I have been able to do this since 2008. The fact that I hear from so many of you, it tells me we have formed a tribe. The orchid classes each winter also confirm it. We all enjoy our gardens, plants and our homes. I am happy Botanistix has become part of your home decor.

Please enjoy a 15% discount online and in person Monday December 2 through Wednesday December 3rd.
Let me know your purchase is a gift and what you would like the inside note to say.

I am happy to ship your gifts via USPO again this year. Please know it takes longer at the holiday season for packages to arrive. I prefer to ship out on Mondays so it doesn’t hang in the post office. These orders will ship out on Monday December 9th.

I am attending 2 gift shows in January and will be looking for some new rhinestone designs. If you are looking for something please reach out to me.

The 3 amaryllis in the photo above are some of the ones I bought in Amsterdam on my tulip trip last Spring. I am really enjoying them and can’t wait to see them blooming in my yard!