Orchids Make a Great Summer Plant

Orchids Make a Great Summer Plant

Orchids are the best selling plant!

Orchids are now the best selling potted flower in the US with sales exceeding the poinsettia (228 million.) Today it’s hard to imagine that in 1978 the P. Golden Emperor Sweet Orchid changed hands between Taiwan breeders for $100,000.00 Honestly, the photo below is nice but since 1978, we have come a very long way!

The ease & care makes them a plant for everyone.
The ease of care will always be the biggest advantage for me. I don’t really even think about watering my indoor orchids for 2 weeks and every day I am still enjoying the beautiful flowers. Thats a super low maintenance plant!

Even millennials are really enjoying their plants & orchids. It allows them to bring the outdoors in to a a small degree while still focusing time on their careers. I have to think its also a nice technology break. As a designer, it strikes a cord with me for developing pride in your home, important at any age.

In my 1st apartment out of college (Atlanta), I always loved something growing in the house. Then I got a dog which was also wonderful. Did I mention, there was a no dog policy? Learning and pushing the boundaries, all part of growing up, right?
Availability & variety have pushed orchids into the splurge spotlight
The availability and variety of a beautiful orchid plant makes it the every season, inexpensive splurge. The perfect gift.  What gift can you buy at the grocery store that your hostess will love? Who knows where your interest will flow from there? Not everyone needs to be collector, but I think anything that presses our aesthetic button at any age, is a great thing.

Botanistix orchid stakes started production 2008
I started making botanistix in 2008 because I didn’t like the wet, wooden stick next to the pretty blooms. Who knew there were so many others who didn’t like that stick too? As women, we love to share our unique finds.  I am always hearing from someone who has just received a botanistix in our pretty gift box …and the tribe expands!  Many thanks to you all,  we work well together!

Its all about the pretty!

FYI- I am here for shipping through July and taking our super humid August off!