Magnificent Flowers of Keukenhof!

Magnificent Flowers of Keukenhof!

Seeing the tulips in the Netherlands was as spectacular as I imagined it would be. Arriving into Amsterdam by air there were vibrant, perfectly planted fields of red, yellow and pinks. What a welcome mat! The weather on ‘tulip day,’ was a comfortable cool and lucky for us, it rained only on the way home.

The theme for 2019 was “Flower Power.” So in addition to all of the huge outdoor planted areas, there were indoor pavilions that showcased many different types of flowers including orchids to my delight! They had VW bugs planted with all kinds of flowers which was perfect for the flower power theme. Interestingly, Keukenhof Gardens is only open 2 months/year, then closed to prepare for the next year.

Its amazing to me that there are only 40 gardeners planting 7 million bulbs! The plantings are staggered so flowers last through the 8 week season and each year one million visitors come to enjoy the spectacle.

In Florida we cannot plant tulip bulbs, but we can plant amaryllis. I ordered some beautiful & unique ones which I will receive in October and have in bloom for my annual open house November 5th. After that I can plant them in the ground. They start coming up in late April here. So that will be my annual reminder of this beautiful trip!

Several of you have stopped by for Mothers Day gifts since I returned. If I can help, reach out for me.
Happy Mothers Day!