Floral Dresses

Floral Dresses

I am doing orchid & topiary classes at various Naples communities and at Forest Glen’s topiary class one of the woman from England shared her Malvern Garden Club’s creations. They are so unique & creative, I had to share. The winner was the one with the babies breath hair. On some days, I feel like my humid hair looks pretty similar! I cannot imagine wiring each individual flower on the top, how time-consuming! I love the purple vanda orchid top which came in second. The variety of materials especially of the skirts, is wonderful too.

Since I love this kind of creativity, I took the time to research the top floral designer who was part of the judging. Check him out, pretty impressive! https://www.jonathan-moseley.com/

Naples is past our recent really cold spell (our 3rd!) Thankfully they only last a few days, but it’s just enough to wreak havoc with the tropical plants. My phalaenopsis look unhappy even as blooms are trying to come out. Mother Nature can be frustrating!

Reach out if you think your community would enjoy an orchid or topiary class at your clubhouse. For details https://www.botanistix.com/botanistix-classes/

I had a display area set up at the botanical garden for the Naples Woman’s Club Home & Garden Tour showing how to use our stix in the various ways. It was a success and have since welcomed new women to Botanistix. Amazing to think Botanistix is now in our 15th year thanks to all of you!