Dragonflies & Defining Handcrafted

Dragonflies & Defining Handcrafted

What does handcrafted mean to us?

Twice in the last week I have been asked to define what handcrafted means with Botanistix stakes. In the Botanistix dictionary
handcrafted = made from scratch.

I start with aluminum stakes, which deter rust and then have the stakes powder coated so they look well in all types of plants. I source individual rhinestone pieces at gift shows, gem & jewelry shows and everywhere in between. Every part of the Botanistix stake is designed by me and physically put together by me with the multitude of glues I have come to rely on over the last 11 years.

Creative orchid decor is collaborative

As talented as the glass blower is, the designs are never a one and done. Designing the piece is always a work in progress. Upon occasion as a nearby observer, drops of blood have even been shed!

Whether its the creative process or the client saying this is just what they were looking for, something keeps me happily trying new and different things.

So please keep me on my toes with lots of different requests because it is working for both of us.

We have some beautiful Spring/Easter table decor to share with you very soon.
Stay tuned.

Orchid Classes

I just did an orchid class for a group of 10 friends and afterwards off they went to lunch. One of the best comments one of the woman said to me was I had given her the confidence to try a few orchids. All these years she believed they were difficult to grow. This is the purpose of these classes.

So if you are local, check out the class schedule Feb 27, March12 and April12. Details at Botanistix.com

As so many of you have told me Dragonflies are one of your favorites. Over the years I have always tried to include them but this design with the definition of the rhinestone and the black detailing is quite unique. It is available for 38.00 and on the website soon. If you cannot wait until then, email me and it will fly to your address under the cloak of darkness!