Happy Fall!

Happy Fall!

Even though it feels nothing like Fall here, I am hoping it feels like Fall wherever you are.

So excited to share some of Botanistix new things with you.

Of course, we had to do some new hummingbirds, right? The new ones are in 3 new colors red, green and pink.  We also have some really fun bumble bees coming.  Bees love flower blooms, so natural, right?  (Photos coming next month) Totally new for us is a beautiful dolphin.   They are either curving over a pearl or flying off the back in flight, very different as you can see below.

We have also added some more color in our stix inventory by request, for those of you who want subtle color in with your pale orchids.  Our Botanistix clients are so varied with color (love it, hate it, give it to me, never want to see it etc…) but hey, we are trying to please you all.

Lots of new things going in for Botanistix including our new website.  botanistix.com  Please check it out and let me know what you think.

The annual Botanistix Open House is November 6th in Naples. ( 9171 Torrefino Ct. in TerraBella in Pelican Marsh) Whoever is nearby please come by, there is so much to see!!  Our Fall dendrobiums will be in bloom on the trees, which is just an added beautiful benefit.  Of course we will have tempting sips & dips. Please visit us Tuesday November 6th 11am – 5pm.  Looking forward to seeing you!